Welcome to Adorned Afterlife

Adorned Afterlife was created by me, Dani! I'm an oddities enthusiast and a nature lover. I've had passion for all living things big and small since I can remember. I spent my summers as a kid at my grandparents rescuing bugs from the pool, watching tadpoles grow up in the pond, looking for newts in the woods and so much more!

I create semi realistic nature/entomology displays to be cherished by others containing all real plants, insects, bones and other organic materials.

I do my best to make sure my displays are sustainably sourced. The plants I use are collected and preserved by me, or they are purchased from small businesses who sell florals they grow themselves in their gardens. The insects I use are either collected by me, already found deceased of natural causes, were hand raised and passed naturally or are sourced from insect conservations who focus on protecting the diversity of nature.

Vintage Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho butterfly with wing repairs given new life in a vintage frame.

Butterfly is not in the best condition due to the insect being vintage itself, but still has the classic blue iridescence in direct lighting.

Surrounded with white flowers and a black velvet background. 


Jeweled Flower Mantis

Stunning female Jeweled flower mantis on driftwood with a ramshorn snail shell rested upon turkey tail fungi.

Surrounded by lovely pink persicaria longiseta flowers and fern leaves.

Dried moss bark at the base filled in with leucobryum moss and sporophytes.

A few fallen petals to add a more naturalistic look.

Adorned with a labodorite sphere.